Understanding Digital Marketing


There are often a misconception or confusion between Digital Marketing, and social media marketing.

In early 2000, the word Digital marketing was first popularized and simply means marketing through various mediums or marketing in various ways by implementing different varieties of digital media’s customized tools present in the world of digital marketing or electronic media.

Apart from social media marketing the typical digital channels used in digital marketing usually includes internet marketing and marketing without the internet.

Digital Marketing Type:

Marketing with the use of the Internet:

1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization
2. Content marketing – This is writing and publishing content on the company’s website and getting it promoted using various social media, by doing SEO, sending of mass emails to prospect clients, etc.
3. Affiliate marketing – This is a very old form of marketing strategy. In one or the other way, it is like a network marketing where a person advertises on behalf of another company’s product or service and can earn a commission from the sale made by his reference with the company.
4. Marketing through emails – In short, this is simply sending emails or rather mass emails to potential clients or the people who are interested in a particular brand or making them aware of a brand
5. Video marketing
6. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
7. PPC – An advertisement medium by using a paid model of advertisement where the viewers get paid to view the advertisements
8. Using various social media – Digital Marketing can also include social media platforms like Facebook, Yelp, Pinterest, Instagram, Google +, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.
9. The Company’s official website – Considered to be one of the most important and the most powerful channel
10. With the help of smartphones – Popping up to ads while using a smartphone
11. Marketing via Mobile with Google Play, Apple Store, etc.

Marketing without the use of the Internet:

1. Radio as a mean – Advertisements or commercials in between programs, sponsorship of various shows
2. Television as a means – Advertisements or commercials in between movies and serials or shows, Tele Shopping
3. Using mass SMS-es – This is also a very common way of marketing strategy where the company sense mass SMS text messages and provide information on their latest offers and opportunities.
4. Phone marketing – Through cold calling to promote brands and products
5. Using indoor and outdoor digital Sign age

The emerging of this technology created a wave in the world of business that attracted every small to medium and big entrepreneurs to step into this mode of marketing as it is found to be one of the cheapest and easiest mode of marketing.

The main objective of digital marketing is to build brand awareness of an organization of its products or services by making public to visit the company’s official website or through any other existing social media channels which in turn may create the probability of increased conversion rate.

Aim of Digital Marketing:

A mode to catch more eyeballs…

As discussed there are various digital marketing channels to advertise, is very important to keep in mind that, someone doesn’t need to use every internet marketing channel tools to achieve their goals.

However, one needs to create a customized mix and match of the marketing tools which meets the exact brand, the audience and the budget.

This is because every marketing channels and the tools will not have the same impact and may vary as per the business need.

The ideal marketing strategies will vary and should be framed depending on the business type, the business industry and the kind of audience needed.

In the world of digital marketing, the people who are advertisers are often referred to as sources, while the people who are the targeted members are mostly called as receivers.

Challenges in the world of digital marketing:

There are also a few challenges that arise in the world of digital engagement and to the people who are engaged in digital strategies.

This market is growing so rapidly along with the change of its nature that the digital marketers have to keep in mind that they have to always keep them up to date about how the targeted audience behave and also the mode of operation of the channels.

What can be the benefits of a good digital marketing strategy?

A very common challenge is to think and decide and plan out the kind and category of choosing the right platform, media and the tools used that will fit the exact need as per the products and or services.

However, a strong presence using the right platform of digital marketing tools and its strategy can help in multiple ways:

• It can help in making easy to create a good awareness within the people and engage them both before and after a sale is made in a shorter time.
• It can help a probable customer or a prospect client getting converted into a confirmed buyer
• It can also initiate the promotion of products and services through word of mouth and at the same time through social sharing of the company’s brand
• Letting the buyers know about the company’s latest promotions, offers and future initiatives


As digital marketing consists of both the use of the internet and non-internet ways of marketing, it is noticed and understood that, still today, at this digital age, the internet by far, is not the only place for the advertisers or the companies to get success.

However, no one still can afford to give up the opportunities and utilities of the internet.

1. What is digital marketing?

Ans. Advertisements which are delivered using various digital channels and mediums which can include both by the usage of internet and even without the use of the internet.

2. Is the usage of social media falls under digital marketing?

Ans. Yes, various social Media also falls under digital promotion and are one of the various mediums and channels of the entire world of digital marketing.

3. What are non-internet based digital marketing?

Ans. Out of many, emails, SMS-es, cold calling, TV, Radio is few of the on-internet based digital marketing platforms.

Understanding Digital Marketing

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