A Quick Overview of Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

It is quite often heard nowadays about the word, Social Media Marketing but in the beginning, social media was merely a medium or platform used for publishing where business houses used to only share their content in those platforms to create heavy traffic on their official websites.

Today, this platform has changed its state and emerged a way beyond being just as broadcasting only contents.

About Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing is the use of various Social Media platforms for all sizes of businesses to get in touch and directly connect with various audiences across the globe easily and the fastest way to establish one’s brand name, an increase of sales and at the same time drive heavy traffic on a website.

With the use of social media marketing strategy one can publish, express, create a good image and build great contents related to the brands and about the company on the profiles made in the social media platforms.

Apart from that, one can directly interact with the end-users, make them follow and listen to feedback which in turn will help in raising quality and standard of products and services.

The platform also helps to interact with the audiences through likes, comments and sharing of posts in a very cost-effective way.

Few of most popular and major social media platforms are Facebook, Yelp, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snap chat, TikTok, Anchor and social messaging mediums are Whats App, Messenger, We Chat, etc.

Today the users use this medium or platform in various ways from directly interacting with clients, engaging them in providing feed backs, directly know and understand in, what users have to say about the products and services, directly respond to conversations between users and analyze how the business is performing in terms of customer service, its quality of products, etc.

Apart from these platforms, there is also a wide range of Social Media Management tools that can help a business house to extract the most out of this platform.

These tools support various social media platforms and help in making ease of publishing and handling posts, analyzing performance, generating reports, even target and reach any definite set of viewers and so on.

Though opening an account and creating profiles in social media platforms are free, but well-managed and professional profiles are important to create a first impression in the minds of the viewers.

Strengths of Social Media Marketing:

Normally, most platforms allow their uses to create personal profiles as well as business profiles.

Business profiles are generally created by people who are engaged in social media marketing.

These business profiles have many more features and tools to manage the accounts out of which some features and tools are free while many features and tools are paid.

The terminologies like Posts, Hashtags, Share, Engagement, Tweet, Like, Comment, etc., which are very common and frequently used in the world of different social media platforms are important to manage in the case of both personal and business accounts.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing helps a business house in various ways, such as:

  • It can increase heavy traffic on the brand’s official website
  • Convert a viewer to a potential client
  • Helps to increase the awareness of the brand
  • Build confidence and positive impression within the customers which in return creates brand identity
  • Increases the ease of interaction process and communicate with the entire audience community
  1. Strategy – A well-defined strategy to use the right tool and platform to target the right viewer at the right time is very important.
    1. The business goal:

Different business houses use social media marketing platforms for different reasons.

Some of them use only to increase the awareness of their brands while others use to increase the traffic of their websites and sales of their products and services.

  1. Choosing the right platform:

As discussed, the top major platforms are Facebook, Yelp, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snap chat, TikTok, Anchor and the social messaging mediums Whats App, Messenger, We Chat, it is highly recommended that it is always preferred to start with a few as managing them requires quite a good skill and time as features vary from platforms to platforms widely.

  1. Choosing the right content and its type:

Content can be of various type and ways and will vary from audience to audience and also the age group one is targeting.

Contents in a Social Media Optimization can be images, videos, links or even plane texts or can be a combination of them. There can business concerning different categories like education,entertainment, beauty, health, food or anything else.

The type of marketing or advertising posts should match the content v/s the product type or the category that impresses any viewer.

  1. Planning and Publishing of advertisements –After the content is prepared, it is ready to be published.

Planning should be such that it reaches the right audience and at the right time. Today there are many tools found in the market that help in carrying out these activities.

Publishing the ready content is as simple as posting or sharing an image, a video or a blog post in any of the social media platform.

  1. Follow-up and Engagement –As the business grows through social media marketing, the followers on the platform also grow and this growth will, in turn, will increase the conversations between all.

It is very important to know and understand what people say, discuss and comment about the brand. A positive comment will delight the advertiser but at the same time, negative comment will allow the person to immediately jump into the conversation and extend support to the client and handle the situation before letting it to go to a worse direction.

To monitor, one can manually check notifications which are facilitated by all social media platforms or use various tools to do the same.


Social media marketing is the most powerful medium of platforms that attracts every size of business houses to reach their targeted audiences and build their brand images very easily and at a much economical way.

To start with, it is always recommended to have a thorough study of the techniques, highlights and facilities along with the availability of built-in tools provided by each platform which will help in the proper use of that particular social media platform.

A Quick Overview of Social Media Marketing

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