Salary: 19,000 INR / month
Salary Date: 10th – 15th every month
Intensive: 0.30 paisa/word (excess of 3,500 words on a day)
Extra Work (on Sunday): 800 INR for 3000 words
Daily Expectation: 3000-3500 words
Total targeted word count (month): 77,000 words
Holiday: 4 Sunday
Casual Leave: 2 (Let us know before 24 hours)
Extra Holidays: Targeted word (monthly) must be filled and need to inform, 72 hours before.
**The extra day you will work before 1st December 2022, will be paid before the usual monthly payment cycle starts.**
**Missing the total allotted word count, will cost penalties. Any missing day (3000-3500 words) will cost 800 INR until it is fulfilled by other days.**
1. Meet the word count and deadline.
2. Communicate regarding any issue in the WhatsApp group.
3. Less than 8% plagiarism is allowed in most cases.
4. Turnitin and Grammarly reports are a must with the submission.
5. You must meet the word count without considering the table of content, references, appendix, and executive summary.
    During your joining, you need to maintain certain terms and conditions in our company, as follows,
Terms & Conditions
1. Need to send the task before the deadline.
2. For any query, ask immediately.
3. Must be available for rework.
4. Must be communicative.
5. The payments will follow a monthly cycle.

6. Penalties will be charged on an hourly basis. The timing will start after 1 hour after the deadline.
7. Inform us immediately if you are incapable of doing the assignment. informing us an hour or two before the deadline may cost a penalty.
8. Deadline increase and other things will be considered, only if you inform before 12 hours of submission (at least).
9. Draft is required, in case of long deadlines (you will be notified accordingly).
10. Maintain your payment sheet and update before every Saturday.
11. Any rework must be resolved on first priority. It will not be paid extra.
12. All agreements are valid for 6 months.
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