Everything You Need To Know about Android Development


This is a “smart” world and we all are dependent on apps to our day to day necessities. From flicking on a light bulb to launching a tech, all can be done by a programmed app. And let’s face it, our mobiles are loaded with a ton of applications that we use for different things. Lets find out how to earn a profit out of it?Android App Development is something that you can use for your self to expand your business, or simply make money by developing for other companies. If used skillfully, Android App Development can be a profitable platform to earn a good amount of income.

So,if you are looking to get to familiar with how Android App Development works, What Android App Development is, or How to master Android App Development then follow the article through and you will be a PRO of Android App Development in no time.

First thing first, let’s start with the definition of Android App Development.

What Is Android App Development?

In the simplest term, Android App Development means creating new applications for any android device like mobile phones that run on The Android Operating System or OS. Several other apps run on iOS and on the Windows system too. However, the majority of dominating customer base tends to go for Android because of its easy accessibility.Mobile apps share the network globally and that is why it is getting so popular over time. Android Apps are usually written in coding languages like Java, C++, XML, etc.

Android App Development is the exact kick start for someone if they are trying to be a software developer because it’s easy to create and easier to maintain. Usually, most of the tools and Android Software Development Kit is available and easily obtained. Also, one of the most basic infrastructures of Android App Development, the Android Studio is can be retained very easily and in the majority of times, free.

Creating a fully running and working Android app and launching it on Android platforms like Google Play may seem rocket science but it is rather easy.

How To Be An Expert of Android App Developer?

To expert Android App Developer one needs to have basic knowledge of coding. Also creating an app is done but how to launch it on Google Play is another skill to master itself. So let’s move forward with the basic out sketches, one needs to know while developing an app for any Android or mobile devices.

  • Programming Languages:


Now, if you are interested in creating apps then Java is a term that you are very well familiar with it. Java is the most used program language in which the apps are coded. And it is no wonder that the more you are used to working in Java the better you will get over the time. There are some elementary concepts in Java-like loops, variables, lists, control structure one is advised to get clear with before moving forward. Java is the fundamental block of App Language, so if you want to master App Development for Android, master Java for a smooth ride for your road.


XML is used to describe data what that means is that XML is the programming interface where you will be able to create the user interface or UI, pursue information from the Internet and comprehend them.

However, the role of XML can be easily done with Android Studio (we will come to that part later) but it is constructed to be grounded in the usual markup language.


SQL is the language where all the questions related to your data is written. To be a master of Android App Development one needs to have the skill to operate in SQL as well. SQL is used to organize the database of the Android Apps. It is one of the required languages one needs to learn to access the database of their designs.

  • Necessary Tools:

Android Studio And SDK:

Android Studio is where you will write your codes and assemble the apps. This is the main program frame of Android App Development. Android Studio is also known as the IDE or the official integrated development environment. Also, you can download this for no charge.

SDK means Android Software Development Kit. As the name suggests this is the place where you will get your handy tools like sample codes, coding tools, software libraries to help you build a better app.

Apart from Android Studio and SDK,some other tools will help you to shape your journey. To name a few, the Eclipse, Apache Ant, Apache Maven, Gradle, etc. All of these comes with a handy set of tools to help you to manage your app development.

How To Launch An Android App?

Now, let’s say that you have developed an Android App that can rock the world but what is even the point of that if you don’t know how to show off your creation. Well, launching an app in the market may seem even difficult than creating one but in reality, it is as easy as anything else. Here is how you may do it.

The only prominent platform for launching a new app for Android is hands down the Goggle Play Store. To submit the app first one needs to be registered under the Google Play publisher account. Now, this may cost a few pennies but that is not something to worry about. After registering, follow the checklist of Android’s launch, then submit your app via Google Play Development Console. Then the approval process is being done and after that, your app will appear in the Google Play Store which means that you are good to go.

Is Android App Development A Good Carrier Choice?

The word being predominately controlled by Apps, the development of Android Apps is a good carrier choice indeed. One can showcase the skills and attract potential customers or companies and can earn a significant as well as a profitable amount of income by selling Android App. One can also simply work under a brand as an Android App Developer. To be very honest, the demand of Android Apps in any segments like education, entertainment, medical facilities-you name it, is getting only high by the time and thus creating the opportunities to prosper as an Android App Development Person.

Everything You Need To Know about Android Development

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    1. Thanks for the comment. We agree with you, please stay with us to get more interesting articles.

    2. Thanks for the comment. We agree with you, please stay with us to get more interesting articles.

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